23 January 2009

Ideas to increase the number of tourists to Saipan

A diverse group of individuals met to attend a brainstorming session to gather ideas to:1) get more tourists to come to Saipan, and 2) encourage them to shop and spend more money.

This is the topic statement: How can we get more tourists to visit Saipan, shop at local businesses, and spend more money?

How do we get more tourists to visit Saipan?
– Build a convention center to encourage more business and group conventions
– Encourage more athletic events that take advantage of our warm weather
– Take advantage of the Marine Monument advertising to promote events in the CNM
– Set up natural, extreme rides – for example, long zip lines in the ocean, rolling balls with people in them
– Zone areas on island that would be exempt from Article 12 to promote commercial development and attract new businesses and tourism
– Promote the CNMI as a “green” alternative power island. Tie in with monument and gateway to the Marianas Trench
– More comparative advertising that shows Saipan is closer to visit
– Legalize casino gambling on Saipan
– Legalize drug use and prostitution
– Shark cage diving
– Identify and promote to a new market to replace the Chinese (30K) and Russians (10K) in numbers and spending
– Have exotic/unique birthing centers to attract pregnant international women to have their babies
– All MVA promotions highlighting “most consistent temperature in the world” and “deepest water on the planet”
– “Highest mountain on the planet from the ocean bottom”
– Surf school for the Asian market. East swells are great here. Build a fake reef that will form a perfect wave
– Medical vacation tourism
– Promote more educational tourism in the CNMI. Have schools that attract more elementary to high school students, and assist NMC to attract more international students
– Charter a cruise ship that goes to all the Miconesian islands
– Get Michael Jackson or Paris Hilton to move here [Get a washed up singer who is popular in Asian to move here]
– Need a K-Mart or Wal-Mart store
– Have condominiums or housing to attract baby boomer tourists who want to get away from the cold weather for several months of the year
– Better public transportation
– Focus attractions on indigenous resources
– 250cc Enduro bikes that can be rented or sold
– Subsidize flights to Saipan

How do we get those tourists to shop at local businesses and spend more money?
– Have a brochure/map that would give points to tourists and pay businesses or groups a small percentage of purchases for giving the brochure to tourists
– Encourage more privately owned, public transportation so tourists can easily go to stores and attractions
– A children’s park and store for kids
– Have more brand stores or products. Local crafts should be priced reasonably
– Provide incentive programs (added value) to tourists visiting the CNMI

Now it's your turn. Do you have any other ideas, or comments to share about the ideas above?